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DIY LED Cloud Light String Fairy Creative decoration
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DIY LED Cloud Light
Do you want to create an enchanted and unique cloud light? Downy cotton batting makes it look so warm and cheerful even in daylights. Read on and follow the steps, you will definitely get a stunning cloud light.

Made mainly from cotton batting, the cloud light is easy to assemble and lightweight. The size of cloud light depends on your choice. It can be large or small, color-changing or white. Combined with battery-powered fairy lights, they can be hung from the ceiling or stand-alone.

Things You’ll Need:

  • Cotton Batting
  • Empty Plastic Bottle
  • Fairy lights
  • Transparent String
  • Awl
  • Glue

Step 1
Make the Bottle Can Be Hung
Prepare an empty plastic bottle, use the awl to make a hole at the bottom, and thread the bottle with the transparent string for easy hanging.


Step 2
Create the Cloud Body
Tear small pieces of cotton batting out of the bag and glue them on to bottle body. When gluing, hold it in place for 5-10 seconds to ensure it will stick. Continue covering the bottle body in cotton until it creates a cloud shape.

Step 3
Add some decorative items like the moon and star on the cloud body.

Step 4
Insert the fair lights into the bottle. LED fairy lights is recommendable. Generally, they required AA batteries
and could be turned off and on with a switch. Simply insert one strand into the cloud and turn on your lights!

It’s awesome, right? Have a glowing cloud is exciting. It’s perfect for decorating both indoors and outdoors.
Imagine there is a sparkling cloud in the garden, that would be very romantic and cozy. Prepare the materials and try.
You will get great pleasure from these simple but interesting DIY projects.

2021-6-4 16:26:36
Use magic
the cloud effect looks bigger than the bottle
2021-6-4 16:49:12
Use magic
Darrell replied at 2021-6-4 16:49
the cloud effect looks bigger than the bottle

same here
2021-6-4 17:06:29
Use magic
looks simple
2021-6-4 17:17:41
Use magic
2021-6-28 14:53:08
Use magic
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