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I received these yesterday. They are extremely easy to put up or take back down. So many different ideas of things to do with them. I decided to surprise hubby with a fancy, romantic meal. It’s too hot to do anything outside, so I strung my koopower lights around the chandelier to create softer lighting for a more romantic setting. I love these fairy lights. The option of setting a timer relieves me of worrying whether or not I turned them off. They don’t get hot like other string lights and the controls allow you to set multiple different brightness as well as pulses or blinks. Great product! Thank

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Very nicely done Maria_Dollar! Looks great

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I received a second set of the fairy lights! Thank you so much koopower!

Makes an awesome fairy jar nightlight for my guest room.

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That was very nice of them to send you a second set. Looks nice


koopower 2
koopower 3

Yesterday I received a set of 100 battery operated LED lights from Koopower. I was so excited and went through a number of different configurations before settling on how I wanted to use them. They were packaged very well to prevent tangling of the string of lights. Because the lights were folded in the box, as opposed to being wound around another object, they were much easier to hang.
I love the remote control that came with the lights, allowing you to choose between numerous different settings:

  1. Combination
  2. Steady On
  3. Slow Fade
  4. In Waves
  5. Slo Glo
  6. Chasing/Flash
  7. Sequential
  8. Twinkle Flash

The remote control also allows you to set a timer for 4hours, 6hours, 8hours, or 24 hours, but you can also press and hold the Mode/Power button for 3 seconds to manually power off. The remote uses 3 AA batteries and is estimated to power the lights for up to one week (with continuous use). These lights can be used indoors or outdoors. I decided to hang my lights around the mirror in our master bathroom. I’m very happy with the look of the lights and they will also come in handy as a night light for those middle of the night restroom trips. Thank you so much Koopower for providing such an amazing product. I highly recommend them!

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That looks amazing. How creative!

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Thank you Maria_Dollar. I tried a number of configurations before settling on weaving the lights through the outer frame of the mirror. It was raining that day so there was not much I could do outside unfortunately

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I really want to do my screened in front porch, but they have been calling for rain so there’s that! lol. It looks very nice!

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I definitely want to do something on my screened in porch as well or maybe the deck by the pool, but I haven’t figured out what that is just yet. I see a lot of lights around decking here locally and sometimes they are arranged in such a way that they look really fantastic but other times not so much. I think maybe the weather is a contributing factor as to why some look better than others. With the mountains, certain areas here are much more windy than others. We live in a particularly windy area so I’ll have to take that into consideration when decided how to arrange them so they don’t get damaged or carried off into the wild blue yonder hahaha :rofl: :rofl:

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