Dorm Room Lighting Decor Ideas

Dorm rooms are not made to be the most interesting thing in the world. However, we can try our best to turn a dorm from just a place to stay in into a cosy room to your taste. In today’s article, let’s explore some simple and more importantly budget-friendly ways to decorate your dorm room with lovely LED lights.

1.Photo Wall


No matter where you go to college, you can keep your favorite people with you by hanging string lights with photo clips. This is not only a nice decorative piece but also a very sweet reminders of how you are loved by them and the other way round.

2.Glow Over The Headboard

To make a space immediately feel warm, one way is to hang a string of lights over the headboard. After you have tucked yourself in bed, it’s nice to grab a book or listen to some music before sleep.

3. DIY A Light Craft

It sounds difficult huh? But from the picture, you can see it’s just a few steps — bend the copper wire, shove it into a Mason jar and turn on the switch! Then you get a very nice piece of decor craft. You can simply place the jar on the desk to let it gently glow when you are studying or reading.

4. Curtain Lights Are a Must

Given that a dorm room normally won’t be very big, so only a set of string lights will do the whole work and magic! Doesn’t it feel nice to have these little bulbs form a curtain of lights and shine in warm glow?

5.Bedside Table Piece

Just like any other ornaments you place on your bedside table, candle light is no difference from them except it can glow! This one is very ideal to serve as a terrific night light with its timer function.

Some of the students have already started the new academic term, some are on the countdown. Whether you are in the dorm room or not, think about your next dorm decor plan. Make the dorm room your own palace, your way.


All great ideas, but I do really LOVE the idea of the photo wall for a college student, especially if they are far from home