How to Create a Dreamy Outdoor Living Space with Festoon Lights

Festoon lights can never go out of style when it comes to adding that touch of magic to your outdoor living area. Check out the following setups and get your summer nights ready!

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Hang the Festoon Light above a Tub
Isn’t it exactly the hot tub that you have been dreaming of since long time ago? When night falls, go have a dip in the tub and top it off with a fizzle drink. The glow given off the these festoon lights just resembles starlight, which will add lots of romantic vibes to the setting.

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Drape Them along the Fence
Just have some basic furniture laid out, then finish the space off with a string of festoon lights on the fence. In a blink, you will behold a super cosy patio where you can spend quality time with family or simply idling around to enjoy summer vibes.

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Tuck Them into Plants
These lights are a perfect match for lush palnt with the bright blubs subtly tucking in the greens. They glow so vividly that the greens are almot brought to life.

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Absolutely marvelous design ideas!

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Aren’t they the most beautiful outdoor space!

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