How to Create a Thanksgiving Tablescape

Hey guys, Thanksgiving is just around the corner, are you busy preparing for your holiday decoration? Today I’m gonna share you 4 ideas for creating a beautiful Thanksgiving tablescape.

1. Pumpkin flower arrangement

This centerpiece looks so gorgeous and full of autumnal vibes! A pumpkin whose inside has been scooped out is used as the vessel, 3 bunches of fall flowers and one bunch of eucalyptus are arranged meticulously into the pumpkin, which makes a creative pumpkin flower arrangement. Around it are lovely pumpkin decors in different sizes and LED candles that give off a soft and cozy glimmer, all of these make a perfect Thanksgiving tablescape.

2. Fresh berries & cotton


Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrating the harvest and expressing gratitude to God and nature. Pick several bouquets of fresh berries and cotton, then arrange them into an elegant vase. In this way, a table setting in tune with the holiday vibes is finished! Also, a warm glow brought by elegant candle lights can make your dining time with family cozier.

3. Gold wheats & fall leaves


The gold wheats and fall leaves styled on your dining table are sure to enhance the joyous and festive spirit! In addition, the LED candles are good to add an aura of coziness and warmth once lit, making a fabulous tablescape! Don’t you want to give it a shot?

4. Pine boughs and pinecones

Get some pine boughs and pile them up in the center of your dining table, layer pinecones, foliage, pomegranates, cotton or any crops over them with candle lights glowing cozily aside. This table centerpiece takes you closer to the nature and lets you feel the spirit of Thanksgiving.

That’s all for sharing today, if you have more ideas or gain any inspirations for making a Thanksgiving tablescape from above, just share with us below! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: