Koopower Affiliate Program is Waving at You!

Hey guys,
How are you? :grinning: Hope our lights have been a great addition to your home decor.

We have just launched an Affiliate Program where you will be able to promote Koopower’s products and earn commission!

The details are: 15% of discount for those who purchase and 12% of commission for you on every successful order. :star_struck: For all of the data, you will be able to track real time in the backstage, where you also help yourself to cash out the commission.

With the affiliate account, you can customize the discount code and generate referral link anytime you want. Super easy to use. What’s more, a 25% personal discount will be provided exclusively to you for when you would like to purchase any items on our website.

Here is where you can create the account. Please feel free to have a check: :point_down: Should there be any questions, don’t hesitate to let us know!


We are proud to be part of your home decor journey. And will be even more so if you can share our lights with those who you know.

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Thank you needed some decorations lights outside my window felt like my house needed a touch up but in the night the glow beautiful.

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Yeah night glow is def gorgeous!

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