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 Okay, to start this post off I would just lke to say that this is such a fun program and I am very excited to be a part of it ❀ I got my first set of lights not too long ago and I am still figuring out how this site works. But I would love to share some neat design ideas I've come up with so far! 
 Now for the fun part! First off, the lights I received were the battery operated fairy lights. So while some of these ideas may not work with other kinds of lights you can always try πŸ™‚

-The timed function made these lights very useful for setting reminders for myself. I put mine on the wall above my treadmill and shaped the lights into a positive message in cursive to remind and motivate me to use it.

  • Those of you with cats probably understand this feeling. My cats really love to toy with lights. So I had to be mindful of where I chose to place them. Thankfully these fairy lights are battery operated and light weight so I could keep them out of reach of the furry gods of chaos. I placed them inside on the top panel of my darker cuboard. So when I opened it up I could see what I was reaching for much easier.

  • When you have a hard time figuring out how to create a cute rustic piece for your walls I would try this. Make or purchase a shadow box and then purchase a small amount of chicken wire. Take the back and front off of your shadow box. Measure a piece of chicken wire to fit across your box. Then cut it out making it an inch or so larger on every side. Staple that piece to the middle of the shadow box. Afterwards weave the lights through the wire. Before putting the panels back on the box cut a small notch out of one of the sides of the back piece. Put the remaining wire with the battery compartment attached into the notch so that the compartment hangs out the back. Put the back panel on. Here you can do one of two things a.) paint a black shadow image(I painted a chicken) on the glass cover of the shadow box or b.) cut out an image leaving a strip of extra on the lower half so you can fold and glue the strip to the side of the box making the image stand upright. To finish up just put the front on and viola! Rustic art!

    I hope to try out more lights so I can continue to give you more inspiration :heart: Until then I will keep you up to date on new project ideas and the product itself.
    Pro tip: use double sided tape to mount the lights on things such as walls or to keep the lights from falling off of places like the tops of shelves.

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Good sharing Kiarah! It looks like a very creative and neat design. Would be great if we could see your beautiful work. :blush:

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kiarah.beaulieu I’m glad it’s not just me! I totally understand the whole cat issue. I had to weigh my options heavily based on the inquiring minds of my 3 feline daughters as well. Buy them every toy in the world and they always want either the box the toy came in or something that doesn’t belong to them. I haven’t put up a Christmas tree in years haha I wouldn’t trade them for the world though :heart_eyes: :rofl:

That’s sounds really cool kiarah. I’d love to see a photo! Thanks for the instructions