Real Looking LED Candle Lights

Hey guys, how’s your holiday getting along? Since Christmas is near upon us, I guess your home is now full of festive elements! And don’t forget to add some lights!! To me, lights are always the ones that bring me extra surprise whether in aesthetics or atmosphere.

These LED candle lights are one of my faves. Sharing all the perks as real candles, they will spark coziness and a bit of warmth once lit.

Exquisitely carved wax drop and ivory color make them look extremely realistic. Giving off a soft and warm glimmer, they’ll make your Xmas tree look sparkly when clipped to the sprigs, which helps greatly bump up the festive spirit!

It’s fabulous that the candles come with 2 lighting modes, so you can either keep them steady on or flicker. To get the maximum comfort, you can adjust the brightness as you like through the remote.

One thing that I love most is the timer program that keeps the light in a 24-hour cycle of 6h on and 18h off. With that, you’ll no longer need to worry about forgetting to turn it off!

The lovely candles are something that can infuse magic into your home, whether added to the Christmas tree, arranged over mantels, or dotted around your dining table, etc.

Hope my sharing will help a little on your lighting decor journey! And finally, wish you all a merry Christmas!!! :kissing_heart:


Beautifully done! Great review.


Thank you, Maria~ It’s the seaon for decor!

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