Sharing the Bucket List of Autumn Activities

As you are wrapping up the bucket list of things to do in summer, it’s time to start checking off your list of autumn things! Read on to see if any of the following is your favorite. But more importantly, you will keep yourself pleasantly busy by trying some of these activities!

Transform your mantle into fall look


This will greatly improve the general look of the living space and make it feel very welcoming for when you have guest coming over. Just pick out some fall items, of course some LED lights included, to get started!

Bake a pumpkin pie

One of the most popular elements for fall is definitely pumpkin. If you are a foodie, why not bake a pumpkin pie for yourself and family or even for your neighbor.

Put on Halloween costume

This will be of great fun when a group of people are all dressed up to enjoy the holiday fun, even more so if you are competing for the best Halloween costume!

Hang a handmade wreath on your door

What’s more accomplishing than seeing your DIY project come to life? You can be as creative as you want on such activity. Picking a few objects for DIY from your own garden will be exceptionally fun and meaningful.

Start a gratitude journal

If you haven’t got the habit of keeping a gratitude journal, then this might be a perfect timing to do so. We all need to learn to appreciate the little things in life that we so often take for granted.

Go on a fall foliage drive

Fall foliage makes for a perfect excuse to go for a road trip. Pick a route where you will be able to appreciate the fall colors of orange, gold and crimson. It’s also a great time to bond with your family while soaking up the beauty of nature.