Six Amazing Garden Decor Ideas Using String Lights

Already sensing Autumn in the air. We should all soak up every minute outdoors before summer slips away! Now grab the chance to decorate your alfresco space and create the last bits of summer memories.

These garden lighting ideas will inspire you to design your own lighting plan in a way that encourages you to make the most of outdoor living. No matter what size your garden is, a neatly and attentively designed illumination plan is surely going to bring you more pride and enthusiasm about your cherished space.

1. Chill Out Under a Pretty Canopy

Credit: @insideclemshome
It is a trendy way to cover your garden pergola with sturdy canopy fabric. Some durable globe lights like those in the picture can really complement your canopy space. Dining or simply chilling out under the shelter is more relaxing than ever.

2. A Romantic Dinner Setup

Credit: @the_hollies_
This is a perfect setting for anyone who is looking to create romantic ambience for their loved one. By simply draping these lovely lights down the fence, you instantly get a illuminated cozy corner in the garden. A setup like this will definitely make the special occasion more memorable. Some candle lights can come real handy as they are very safe in a leafy area.

3. A Well-Lit Garden Pathway

Credit: @no2threestoryhome
Hanging a few strings of solar powered lights above the garden pathway is very beneficial for your evening walk or any activity that requires lighting. Think about an after-dinner walk with family on a balmy summer evening. Isn’t it nice to have these glowing little bulbs shine in your way?

4. A Fairy Pergola Adorned with Crystal Ball Lights

Credit: @mrsjessdaines
The bright warm glow of these festoon lights contrasts nicely with the blue sky at dusk. It is so reminiscent of a secret gathering place for fairies who only hang out when the night falls. A few strings can easily create this magic feel in the garden.

5. Light up You Kids’ Favorite Space

Credit: @kayleymillerhome
For families with a specially designed garden spot for kids, it’s a thoughtful idea to festoon their fun-filled space with some string lights. This can contribute to an even more adorable garden with all the liveliness going on.

6. Glow Over the Fireplace

Credit: @myrusticmodernhome
It’s getting chilly as Autumn is kicking in. Why not consider festooning the fireplace to double the warm effect? By simply hanging up a set of string lights above, you instantly get glow from both the lights and the fire, by which you can sip a drink and chat with family. What could be a better combo?


Wow… these are some absolutely amazing lighting ideas!


You can give it a try Maria. :smiley:


Definitely some fantastic ideas here for garden decor and outdoor use


I’m so excited that Autumn is finally almost here! It’s by far my favorite of the seasons


It 's my favorite season too :grin:


So much more can be done with these outside as the temperature begins dropping some!


I’m so over this excessive heat and humidity we’ve been dealing with so I’m over here yelling PLEASE bring on Fall


Sure Maria,Autumn is an amazing season,it 's cool and cozy,having party with fairy lights on the yard,it can light up your mood and have a marvelous time with your families or friends :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: