What to choose to dress up your house for Christmas?

Hey guys, a big greeting from us to you with the advent of December! I think it’s safe to say that we have entered the official countdown to Christmas right?!

With the big date approaching fast, have you got your Xmas decor up? Well, I hope you guys are all enjoying the decor fun while adding festive cheer to your beloved home.

Check out these two lovely Xmas themed setting by our influencer partners. They both styled their setting with our fall & winter resounding winner: LED Real Candle Light Set. You can either place them together for an intense amount of light effect or dot them around to complement a sophisticated look. Fixing them into some kind of container like a lantern, a jar or candle holder is an idea that can never go wrong. With the LED candles as an alternative, you’ve spared yourself fire risks and messy clean up.



Hope these will provide you a bit of inspiration to dress up your house for the holiday. If you’ve got anything to share with us, that will be more than welcome!

Peace :v:

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I would love to share a couple most recent pics I got from our influencer partner. Michelle @designed.to.love has added our flameless candles to her Christmas tree, which just beautifully intensified the fairiness of the whole set up. Don’t tell me it’s not gorgeous!

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That is absolutely gorgeous!

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