Why is June Pride Month?

Did you know? June is the LGBT Pride Month when many pride events are held to commemorate Stonewall riots that occurred at the end of June, 1969 in the United States. During this month, people from LGBTQ community will come together to celebrate the freedom to be themselves. People who don’t belong to this community are also welcome to ally themselves with the group.

Living in a world that is currently going through a rough patch, let’s show more tolerance and empathy towards each other to get past this difficult time, especially towards those who are fighting bravely for their basic rights to love and be loved. For what it’s worth, love should not be restrained by one’s gender, religion, nationality or economic status. In stead, anyone who has faith in love should have the right to pursue it without being judged or even disrespected.

Koopower respects each and every individual who dares to pursue their dreams and defy stereotypes. Just like our RGB color changing lights, each of them represents a unique hue to perfectly form this stunning strip of lights displaying splendor and magnificence. Together, let’s contribute our part to make this world a more inclusive and tolerant place to live in.

Last but not least, let’s say out loud this proposition with pride: Love comes in all colors!

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More kindness, less hate! LOVE IS COLORBLIND!

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