Win eGift Card and Grand Prize!

Hi guys,

Koopower’s Prize Survey is here again!

Just take a couple of minutes to carefully fill out a small questionnaire (Link: Koopower Customer Satisfaction Survey) , and tell us about your shopping experience. Then we will gift you $15 Koopower website eGift Card and a chance to win our grand prize–$100 Amazon eGift Card and $100 Koopower website eGift Card.

After the closing date, we will announce the list of winners and arrange gift delivery. To get the notification and gift in time, please be sure to leave your email at the end of the survey.

Closing date: October 31, 2021

This activity is organized independently by Koopower and the final right of interpretation rests with Koopower.


Look how awesome these lights are. Love how they flash in diffrent modes and shuts off manually …

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This is a beautiful styling! Did you create it?

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Yes, my husband and I love the Beatles. We just had purchased the tapestry a few days before my lights arrived; So I thought I’d light it up.

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Very nice! The blinking Beatles, always shines!

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I have always loved the beatles! I love how this looks