A Letter to All Members of the Community

Hi all members,

Hope all is well with you and your family.

Finally we are here, with more and more friends joining us in the community. We feel like it’s the proper time that we share with you more about us and this community.

About Koopower

Koopower was born in the U.K. back in 2011. Since then we are so proud of how far it has come. Over the years, we have introduced a wide variety of lighting products by constantly looking into people-oriented and eco-friendly designs.

We are convinced that the pursuit of aesthetic life shouldn’t be exclusive to limited groups of people, it should also be accessible to the ordinary. With that in mind, we deeply believe everyone could be an artist by applying lights in and around their home, a place where warmth and inspiration are produced.

As an innovative and socially-responsible LED lighting brand, we strive to be sustainable possibly anytime and anywhere in our business. In the meantime, we encourage our customers to learn and practice environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

Why We Build This Community

The reason why we build it is because we care about the voice from our audience. We think highly of their feedback and opinion which eventually go back to the product and service we provide. Another equally important reason is we hope our audience, that is each and every unique individual will have a secure and non-judgemental space to share his or her own lighting ideas. Of course, it’s totally okay if you just like to hang out here. But every time you leave our community, we humbly hope there is always something useful or inspirational for you to take away.

Koopower s Vision

Our vision is to build a warm and vibrant community where everyone is a light artist. To this end, we sincerely invite every one of you to join us on this rewarding and inspiring journey. Please remember that Koopower team will always be here to keep you company.

Everyone is a light artist. Let us enrich your life from here and now on.

Koopower Team

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Thank you for creating this wonderful and fun online community!

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Thank you so much Maria! It’s our pleasure. :smiley:

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