Are you the grand prize winner? Check it out!

Hey guys :grinning:
Not much in today’s post but we will be announcing the winners of the grand prize from the customer survey a week ago! First let me walk you through the prizes we have set:

$/£/€100 Amazon eGift Card
$/£/€ 100 Koopower website eGift Card

That’s right, two shopping cards for each winner! :star_struck:

So here comes the reveal: Sebas******* & Chemi****

Big congrats to them! We are sure they will enjoy a great deal of their shopping for this holiday season.

For those who didn’t get the chance to win the grand prize, don’t loose your heart. We will continue to run events like this. So better luck! :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. All $/£/€15 Koopower website eGift Cards have been sent through email for those who participated and only filled out the survey once.

Peace :v:


Congratulations to the winners!

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I thank you so much for the $15 gift card. I was not aware we were allowed to fill it out more than once. Great community, great products, and great customer service! It a triple win with Koopower!

Thank you so much for your appreciation! We will keep improving and deliver better products and services. :blush:

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