Be Your Own Light Artist --- Koopower Photo Contest Result

The first Koopower photo contest was successfully wrapped up yesterday with the winners announced. Let’s take a look at the winning photos taken by our staff. They have surely used their talent to showcase our lights in the amazing ways! :partying_face:

The Rocket Boy Chasing after Light


Love from Our Home

The Most Beautiful Wedding Gown

Happy Chinese New Year

Just as what Koopower always proposes: Everyone is a light artist, this is our first ever contest of this kind to promote what we truly believe in as we don’t want our proposition to merely be an empty catchphrase. As a result of our constant exploration of how we can better exemplify it, we decided to encourage our staff to be their own light artist by providing the lights and inspiring them to take photos styled with the lights.

Though the awards may be limited, the imagination and creativity is unlimited when you are picturing yourself as a light artist. What’s equally important is that we are certain everyone must have had fun when creating their own work and defining their own story behind the work. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Leave a comment if you like any of these photos. Or you can share with us your own piece of work using the lights. :grin:

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How lovely it is! It gives off so much warmth that makes people feel very cosy!

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