KooPower Flickering LED Candle is with us

Pleasant spring is approaching. We are delighted to introduce our brand-new product -KooPower Flickering LED Candle.

Combining real paraffin wax and innovative technology, the LED Candle with the flickering effect of the realistic flame creates an unmissable authentic “just lit” look.

With elegant ivory color and a delicate appearance, this candle is really beautiful decorative lighting for your home and garden. Ivory color complements various decor styles. Delicate appearance makes it lovely in daylight too. Perfect for dotting along the windowsill, shelves, stairs for festive window display; accessorizing fireplace to add a seasonal glow to your arrangement; or simply placing on the table to enjoy a peaceful hour with your loving family in the warm glow of the flickering candles.

Spring and summer are a good time to express creativity through our homes and gardens. KooPower meticulously designed LED Candle will help you create a relaxing haven for those hazy summer afternoons and ensure your space is brimming with style for the entire season.


These are absolutely gorgeous!

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These are amazing! They look very elegant, are much safer and last much longer than traditional wax candles

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They look absolutely amazing. I can think of a million different ways to set these up!

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Me too! They are very versatile

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