Tips on warming up your home with candles

Hey guys what’s up? I hope the weather hasn’t been too unbearable where you are although I am aware that it probably has. :shushing_face: Therefore today’s post on how to make your home cosier using LED candles, might be something that you are interested in.

1. Dot them around your daily set up
Just casually place some mini candles around your everyday decor, such as old books, plants or vases. This will help create a vintage and cosy feel while introducing a elevated air into the room.


2. Style candles together with a lantern
Search your house for some vintage objects such as an old lantern, a piece of wood board etc. Then simply style the candle with that object in a nook of your home for a warmer and elegant vibe.


3. Cosy up your kitchen with candles
Just treat the candles as a daily necessity and place them along the other kitchenware. The glow given off will add to the cosiness especially when the light dim down in your kitchen.

4. Warm up your bedroom with one simple touch
Fixing a candle on your night stand will surely bring a cosier feel to the space. For an elevated touch, you can incorporate a glass lantern of any shape to make it happen. Imagine getting ready to sleep with only the flickering candle, how cosy it would be!


So if you are looking for warm cosy vibes for the seemingly endless cold winter, candles are a perfect addition to make this season easier for you. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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